Jane Hulbert

Partner at The Jane Group

    Jane Hulbert, partner at The Jane Group, has been the NAIS (National Association of
    Independent Schools) crisis communications consultant since 2001. She counsels
    independent, international, for profit, and charter schools on crisis and reputation
    management issues, crisis preparation and planning, messaging, media
    management, and provides training for the media spokesperson. She works with
    schools that are not in crisis, to prepare them for the possibility. She has handled
    hundreds of issues that have impacted schools, including arrests of teachers, sex
    abuse, past and present, high-profile lawsuits, safety matters and many other
    difficult and sensitive situations. Jane conducts trainings across the US and
    Prior to consulting, Jane was a communications executive at McDonald’s Corporation
    responsible for the Crisis and Media Relations Department. She was the key
    spokesperson on high profile global crises including the ‘hot coffee” incident. Jane is
    a graduate of the Park Tudor School (IN) and a cum laude graduate of Boston